The World Through My Eyes

Photographs by young Mozambicans.

About Chókwè

The World Through My Eyes is located in Chókwè, Mozambique. Chókwè is a town of 65,000 and is located in southern Mozambique about 200 km (3 hours by car) northwest of the capital city, Maputo. Chókwè is highly influenced by South Africa, mainly because many Chókwèan men work in South African mines and others travel to South Africa to make purchases and then sell these goods at home in Chókwè. Chókwè is the district seat and second largest city in the province. Xai-Xai, the provincial capital, has a population of 173,307. Most people in Chókwè are subsistence farmers. Chókwè has many primary schools, a secondary school (8th-12th grade) and an agrarian school. Chókwè's HIV/AIDS rate is slightly higher than the national percentage of 20%.

Photo - Chokwe
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