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Photographs by young Mozambicans.

Imensis News Article, March 5, 2004

Many small projects in Mozambique are unknown to the majority of us.

One of these is a photography project for local young Mozambicans.

A handful of orphans from Chókwè, Mozambique have been given the possibility to learn and experiment with the art of photography. The project these children are part of is broadening their horizons and allowing them to have contact with new technology while learning photography. And who knows maybe their perspective on life will be forever changed? Anyone who has already seen the Brazilian movie "The City of God" (A Cidade de Deus) will understand what this means.

At the same time the children have an opportunity to share Mozambique, bringing the country a bit of notoriety and showing the knowledge and potential that surrounds us.

After all photography does something magical as it takes us somewhere else, allowing to see what we otherwise wouldn't see. Who doesn't remember the signing of the General Peace Accord or the confirmed death of Savimbi (an Angolan rebel) or Saddam's capture?

Mozambique's culture and many of its traditions in music, entertainment and food are being lost or changed by hip-hop, DVDs and Coca-Cola. Photography can be used to preserve culture and traditions by recording the present for future generations. It is a valuable skill capable of opening doors to one's future.

It is because of this that we consider this project a positive initiative. The project's website is complete with photographs and is available in Portuguese and English. It is found at http://www.theworldthroughmyeyes.org. We hope that you don't get lost on the way there.

Mozambican children
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