The World Through My Eyes

Photographs by young Mozambicans.

Dear Visitor  . . .

I think I speak for all people who were involved with The World Through My Eyes from the young photographers, to those who saw the photos exhibited  in Mozambique and the US, to the people who helped with the project, to those who sent such thoughtful supportive emails, that this project was a great success. I conceived The World Through My Eyes in August of 2003 and for over 2 years, thousands of photos were taken, countless people learned about Mozambique seeing the world through the eyes of the young photographers and many supported our work by purchasing photos or donating time or money. Unfortunately in early 2006, we decided that the financial support to be able to continue was just not there and stopped the project indefinitely.

Since the website went up in 2004 I have received on average 2 emails a week from people in Mozambique, Brazil, the UK, Russia, Japan, Argentina, the US and Canada to name just a few countries. People have sent emails to learn more about our work, to volunteer, purchase photos and partner our project with other such organizations. I cherish all of these contacts and hope that people still continue to write to learn more about the work we did, ask questions about how they can start similar initiatives, find out about Mozambique, the Peace Corps, etc.

Mozambique is an amazing country and it was great working with the children who participated in this project. Photography can be a real powerful tool for change and justice. Volunteering not only feels great, but when done right, can positively affect others. Traveling to learn more about other cultures, languages and challenges can start to remove the ignorance that blinds many. When you make an effort to see the world through someone else's eyes, and then share this with others, you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

Blake Schmidt, Project Leader

Mozambican children
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