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Photographs by young Mozambicans.


Miguel Zeca Thembo was born in April 13th, 1990, in Maputo. He lost his parents, Zeca Coloane Thembo and Emília Zefanias Gujamo, to prolonged illnesses when he was two years old. He is an only child and lives with his aunt and uncle in the 3rd neighborhood. He is 14 years old and studies 7th grade at the 3rd Neighborhood Primary School. He likes to play soccer and speaks Portuguese and Changana.

"I immensely enjoy this project and I would like to be part of it if it goes on. It was a good course despite being short because I learned how to use digital cameras. Not even father had such an opportunity. Now I am able to properly frame a subject and tell whether a photo was well taken or not. I enjoy playing football with friends but since I started this course I prefer to spend my time looking at pictures. Since the project began I never missed a class because I think that this will be useful to me one day. I would like to thank teacher Marcílio very much for inviting me to participate in this project."

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