The World Through My Eyes

Photographs by young Mozambicans.


Elcídio A. Ubisse was born on October 12th, 1990, in the city of Chókwè. His father died when he was nine and his mother died four years later leaving him and his three siblings as orphans. Both his parents died from prolonged illnesses. At age 13 he lives with his uncles and is attending the 7th grade at 3rd Neighborhood Primary School. He learned about The World Through My Eyes from his uncle. He likes to play soccer and study English.

"The World Through My Eyes was a project which awakened me and showed me a different vision of the world through photography. I know different parts of the world thanks to photography. I had never touched a camera nor taken pictures before this project. I had also never heard of digital cameras, which are rarely seen with Mozambican photographers. When I was 9 my dream was to become a football player but with the project I now want to be a journalist and photographer."

Youth Portfolio
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