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Photographs by young Mozambicans.


Rudolfo Júnior Matsule was born on March 2nd, 1986, in the Chókwè district. He is the son of Rudolfo Salomão Matsule and Marta Eduardo Ximene. He didn't know his father who died when his mother was eight months pregnant with Rudolfo. When Rudolfo was nine years old his mother died of an unknown illness in a hospital in Manhiça. Rudolfo has 5 siblings and is now living in Chókwè with his uncles, one of whom informed him about the project. He recently turned 18 and is studying in 7th grade at the 2nd Neighborhood Primary School. He enjoys studying Portuguese and playing basketball.

"I truly enjoyed participating in this project, especially because I learned many things about photography. Now I know how to take pictures using both manual and digital cameras. I didn't find this course hard thanks to teachers Blake and Marcílio."

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