The World Through My Eyes

Photographs by young Mozambicans.


Romeu Fabião Nguenha was born on October 25th, 1988, in the city of Chókwè. His parents, Fabião Nguenha and Isabel Fernando Chauke, went to South Africa when he was less than five years old leaving him and his six brothers and sisters under the care of his grandparents. He is still living with his grandparents and doesn't know whether his parents are alive or died. He is 15 years old and studies at Mungone Primary School, which is 2 ½ miles from his home. After school when he has photography classes he must walk another 2 ½ miles to his photography classes. All this walking is hard but as he enjoys photography he has never been absent or late. Romeu's favorite hobby is reading as well as photography and his likes to study math in school.

"I am a 14-year-old teenager who lives in Chókwè. The World Through My Eyes taught me how to use manual cameras and brought me the opportunity to use digital cameras. I like the project because it brought a new and different vision to my life. Thanks to teachers Blake and Marcílio."

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