The World Through My Eyes

Photographs by young Mozambicans.


Borges Aurelio Chivoze was born in October 18th, 1986, in Chókwè, Gaza province. He lived with his parents until his father abandoned him and went to South Africa. Then his mother died from an illness in 2001 leaving him and his older sister orphans. After his mother died, he was taken care of by the Sisters Of Charity who, later, built him a house. He is now 18 years old and attending the 6th grade in Chókwè at São Vicente de Paulo Primary School where he likes to study Biology. He works as a gardener at Carmel Hospital and in his spare time plays football and studies.

"I was told about this project by sister Madalena and would like to thank her. I enjoy being in this project because I hope to be a professional photographer. I would like to thank my teachers, Blake and Marcílio, because they taught me how to use digital cameras and I would also like to thank Mrs. Anita who came from Maputo to teach us how to use manual cameras. The World Through My Eyes is allowing Mozambique to be seen by the whole world, which is important. My heart is truly touched because my pictures will be seen worldwide."

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